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"Ab talent ko milega, jyada paisa"

Lapcinema welcomes you!

You can show your talent to the world as well as earn huge money on Lapcinema. We, the Lapcinema, offer you wonderful services as following:
  1. Account and video uploads (Standard Free Services)
  2. Advertisement options (Premium Paid Services)


Lapcinema provides you a digital platform when you can upload your videos free of cost you can show your talent to millions around the world e.g musical videos, art&craft videos, informative videos, blogs, films (short &long), business videos, news, fashion, food & entertainment etc. You can open your account free of cost & start uploading your talent videos. You can upload unlimited videos ( Each video of maximum 1GB size limits). Lapcinema gives you a great opportunity to earn from your videos too. Lapcinema gives you share of money on number of advertisement views on your videos. Lapcinema will place advertisement on your videos and will give you some specific amount of money as per advertisement views. You will start earning as soon as you touch only 100 subscribers only. You will get 10 paisa per advertisement view on your videos, if you have 100 to 999 subscribers on your account on Lapcinema. Your share will increase up to 15 paisa per advertisement view on your videos, if your account gains 1000 to 2499 subscribers. Once you touch 2500 or more subscribers on your Lapcinema account, you will start enjoying *25 paisa per advertisement view on your videos. So, open your account on Lapcinema, upload your talent videos and enjoy the great opportunity to earn a lot of money.

2. Advertisement options:

Premium services: - Other than the standard free services, the subscribers can also enjoy great advertisement services. Lapcinema provides you excellent unique opportunity to advertise on your videos in two ways.

  1. Self-advertisement right.
  2. Advertisement through Lapcinema

I. Self- advertisement:-

Lapcinema gives you unique facility of self-advertisements on your own videos commercially. You can purchase advertisement slots on your videos and place your own advertisement clips as a business opportunity to earn more.

Lapcinema offers you pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll slots. There are specific number of advertisement slots on specific video genre and duration. The first ad slot on any or all videos is always reserved for Lapcinema by default known as Lapcinema ad slot (LAS= First pre-roll advertisement slot) and is not commercially available for subscribers but subscribers can book 2 nd & more advertisement slots known as Subscriber ad slots (SAS= 2 nd pre-roll, all mid-roll and post-roll ad slots). The duration of each subscriber ad slot (SAS) advertisement should be 5 seconds to 30 seconds and advertisement will be non-skippable. You can arrange advertisements from your contacts (Local & national) as per your talent, popularity of channel and dealing capacity. You need to buy SAS from Lapcinema and play your ads and all this can be managed online easily on your account only. You can deal with third party for ads as per your business potential. In case, you are not getting any advertisement of your own, you will still enjoy the revenue from all advertisements being played on slots placed by Lapcinema. You can enjoy double benefits of earning money from advertisement views share and self-advertisement slots on Lapcinema. Lapcinema will play own ads if any or all SAS slots are not booked by you. The empty slots are rights of Lapcinema by default and can play any ads as per its own criteria. Lapcinema gives you specific revenue benefits by playing advertisement on available SAS. You will get revenue only if advertisement is played on your videos. If no ads or no views, you will not get any revenue at all. (No ads, No money. More ads, more money). You have given the priority of advertisement from slot 2 nd and onward slots (SAS). You can book your slots anytime and the preference is yours. Enjoy dual benefits of Lapcinema. Open your account/channel now. (Note: All the slots are under Lapcinema rights and subject to change any time by Lapcinema *)

II. Advertisement on Lapcinema:

Anybody can contact Lapcinema for advertisement of their products and services to Lapcinema subscribers. Lapcinema provides you special opportunity to advertise your business at local level to national level. You can grow your business locally as well as nationally as per your business requirements. E.g. if you want to give advertisement of your business in your district area only (e.g. Bathinda, chandigarh, bangalore, Mumbai, delhi , Kolkata etc ), you can do easily at less price. If you want to play ads nationally, you can also opt it. So lapcinema helps you to grow your business from local to global. You can opt lapcinema ads slots as per your requirement and budget. For further assistance , you can contact Lapcinema advertisement team. Grow with Lapcinema from locally to globally.