Cancellation & Refund Policy

Lapcinema is an online digital platform for talented people to show their performances to the world by uploading their videos (*terms & conditions apply). Lap cinema provides two types of services to its customers.
  • Standard Services
  • Premium Services
Standard Services
Lapcinema provides standard services to its customers free of cost. Here, customer can open their account/channel and upload their videos without any cost. Lapcinema will access the video by technical point of views and once approved by Lapcinema, video will be made visible to public. Lapcinema will play advertisements on customers videos. The first front slot advertisement is always reserved for Lapcinema only known as lapcinema slot and rest all slots are for customers on priority bases called customers slots. The second front-slot, mid-slot and after-slot advertisement on videos are for customer and if he donot use these slots, then lapcinema has the full rights to use these slots as primary advertiser on their videos. If customer want to monetize their channel and want to put their own advertisement of all slots (except first slot) on his video, he can do that. The customers will get money based on views and subscription potential (talent Money *terms & condition apply), only if advertisements will play on his video. No money will be given, if no advertisement is played on his video. The first front slot advertisement which is exclusively reserved only for lapcinema by default and the no money will be paid to any customer for this advertisement slot. The money will be provided on the customer slots only (second slot onwards*). If customer donot monetize their channel or donot want to play their advertisement, then all the advertisement slots will be played by lapcinema as a default strategy reserved by the lapcinema.
Premium Services
The customer advertisement slots are premium paid services. The Customer need to book their slot by specific payment facilities and then can upload their own advertisements on their videos. The lapcinema is responsible for any technical faults for video interruptions, but not for any problem at customer side. If the fault is with lapcinema technical services, the customer can contact lapcinema advertisement team on specific email and or phone numbers for assistance. The team will correct the issue at the earliest possible. In case, the problem is not solved, the customer deal for advertisement will be cancelled by the Lapcinema and refund will processed and credit into customer’s given account within 7-10 working days.
Cancellation and refund policy:
Once opted and paid for premium services, the deal will be cancelled or refunded only within 24 hours of purchase or before uploading any advertisement video on purchased slot, whatever is earleir. If customer has used and uploaded slot even once or more than 24 hours passed, then the deal cannot be cancelled or return or slot exchange or refunded at all, unless and until the services are defaulted by Lapcinema only. The problem at customer end is his liability and advertisement deal will not be cancelled, returned or refunded or exchanged at all if once used or 24 hours from payment, whichever is earlier. The cancellation will be processed and refund amount (with required deduction, if any ) will credit into customer’s given account within 7-10 working days.


Cancellation process:
The customer can contact Lapcinema customer care service for cancellation of product/services on the following mediums and the lapcinema will respond within 24 – 48 working hours. Email: Phone numbers: 09872287369 / 09872239576 Address: Office # 197, Phase 2, Green City, Bathinda, Punjab (India) pin code: 151001
Cancellation time:
within 24 hours of the purchase of premium services or before using the slot by uploading any video, whatever is earlier.
Refund Process:
The cancellation will be processed and the refund amount (with required deduction, if any ) will credit to the customer’s given account within 7-10 working days.